Jamaica Exchange Trip Photo Gallery

Deacon Jonathan Miller’s pictures of the Synod Cymru and Wales Synod young people’s exchange trip to Jamaica 2016.

Gatwick compressed At Gatwick airport, Saturday 16.07.16 (On the right, Revd Cathy Gale)

Gatwick 2 compressedReady to go, Sunday 17.07.16

Wedi cyrraedd compressedArrived! Montego Bay airport

Ymlacio compressedAn opportunity to relax, Monday 18.0716 (Wearing his hat, Deacon Jonathan Miller)

Off to camp compressedAbout to go to work in the Jamaican Methodist Church’s youth camps, Tuesday 19.07.16


And in the camps…

Bus compressedTable compressedSea compressedGoing to church, Sunday 24.07.16

Capel 1 compressedCapel 2 compressedcapel 3Sunday night dinner

Cinio nos sul compressedLast morning at camp

bore olaf compressedOn next to Kingston, and the Holiday Club in Jamaica’s National Children’s Home.NCH 2 compressedNCH 1 compressed