Policy and Finance Committee

Meeting twice a year, the Policy and Finance Committee oversees and supports the work and policy of the Synod. Its membership includes representatives from each Area, and documents relating to its work may be seen on the Documents page of this website.
Policy Committee Secretary Mrs Maryl Rees 01352 710175

Trustees of the District Advance Fund

The Trustees deal with applications for grants for ministry and mission, including property schemes. Applications are considered between meetings of the Trustees by other means of consultation, such as through the Property Sub Committee.
Trustees’ Secretary Mr Ken Owen 01492 515209

Property Sub Committee

This committee responds to property matters, including grant applications, on behalf of the Trustees.
Property Officer Mr Alun Jones 01938 820307

North Wales/Cymru Safeguarding Panel

In conjunction with the northern area of Wales Synod, the panel oversees Safeguarding policy and implementation for Synod Cymru.
Chair of the Panel Revd Kate McClelland 01248 353140

Historical Society Committee

Secretary Revd Gwilym O Jones 01691 655535

District Ministries Panel (including Candidates’ Committee)

Candidates’ Secretary Revd Martin Evans-Jones 01824 707867